Yogini and Meditation Bio

I began practicing yoga in 2003. I have studied and practiced with some of the best teachers and monks in the world. I teach yoga and meditation. I studied with Darren Main ( http://www.Darrenmain.com) , Hannah Muse ( http://www.hannahmuseyoga.com) and countless others. I studied with monks and participated in yoga and meditation retreats globally in California, Nicaragua, Indonesia and Thailand. I believe that the most effective way to end needless suffering is a daily practice of yoga and meditation. It creates ease, strength, endurance, flexibility, inner peace, a sense of purpose, oneness with God and a joy that I personally have never successfully obtained elsewhere. As a survivor of kidnapping, rape, ( trauma) , PTSD , chronic pain and depression I can attest to the profoundly healing power of yoga and meditation.

This combined with other hollistic methods of healing enable us to embrace our existence with inner strength and fortitude. Acupuncture, sound baths, aquatherapy, consistent cardio and cognitive behavioral therapy combined in my opinion are a sure fire way to not only feel better, but to become a fortress of inner fortitude with a capacity to serve others and enjoy being in our own skin. We spend alot of our life endlessly comparing ourselves to others and judging ourselves rather harshly. I suggest we put an end to that and love who we are. It is only when we love ourselves that we can truly love another. I was in my 20s by the time I first began to love myself. I traveled to the Brahma Vihara Arama temple in Indonesia and studied under the guidance of U tejanaya Win. He is a burmese monk. It was there that I faced my greatest fear- which was a misperception of being unlovable. His compassion and wisdom combined with my courage and focus created my first structure of self love.

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