For the children

       There are two predominant capacities in which I aim to serve the world. The first capacity is to honor and serve children. I began caring for and protecting children at the age of 11. My upbringing was devoid of safety and adequate love. I sought out to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children. I felt it was their right to have the space and freedom to simply be a child. To play, grow and learn in an uninhibited and structured environment . I began babysitting and this eventually led to my 25 year career as a nanny. I also worked in a children’s museum, performed children’s theater and taught english in a private school in Thailand. I have cared predominantly for the early childhood age range of infants to the age of 7. However, I have taken care of children of all ages. As well as children with special needs and behavioral disorders from birth or as a result of neglect.

        I have served children globally on a philanthropic level. I have served as a volunteer in Nicaragua at the house of hope ( for single mothers recovering from trafficking ) , America Reads, Children Uniting nations and as a mentor. God has placed many children in my path over the years that are suffering as a result of neglect. I have served on a volunteer basis for children with parents who abandoned them, were addicted to drugs and alcohol, abusive and incompetent. I am tirelessly patient with children and I am first and foremost a teacher. I have taught countless children how to have manners, confidence, be communicatively respectful and know that they are deserving of love. For the children who have been hurt, I did my best to instill within them the knowledge that any neglect was not their fault nor anything lacking within them. I know firsthand the difficulties that arise as an adult if your basic needs are not met and instead replaced with abuse.

       Many people view children as ‘’something to deal with” . It is imperative that we take into account our responsibility to prepare them to be healthy, kind, fully functioning adults. It is surely the greatest example of the ripple effect. Every human being will grow up and how they engage with the world is a direct result of how they are treated during their formative years. In my 28 years of experience I believe whole -heartedly that communication is the key to a healthy, kind-hearted and conscientious human being. Are you having a hard time getting your children to do what you ask-the first time? I know how to speak to children. I know how to quickly gain their cooperation, trust, admiration and love. By cooperate I mean - listen. Spend more time laughing and less time fighting with my simple strategy. Although simple it will take dedication on your part! However, I fully believe that weeks of hard work WILL make your life as a parent significantly easier! You can enjoy a free sample course entitled “ They will for a lollipop!” In this FREE mini course ( Insert link when course is created.) If you love the results of the mini course and want to check out the full course - “ Manners Matter” it will be released on August 31! ( Insert link when released.)

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