As An Artist

Charity Sills has always been an artist. However, after surviving a kidnapping in Thailand she worked with a world renown art therapist and became involved in promoting art as a means of healing trauma.

In 2019 her art was featured in two shows : and In collaboration with the yoga for all movement and a panelist of psychiatrists and experts who encourage awareness and availability of resources. She will continue to be an advocate in the promotion of art as a means of healing and is planning a show in New York City and New Orleans.

She collaborated with following:
Amy Pine - Founder of Survivors Healing Center on Hit By Lightning Project

Gabriella Grant - California Center for Excellence in Trauma-Informed Care on Trusted Advisor Abuse

Julie Schneider - SCPD Victims Advocate on Resources for Survivors

Diana Rose - Dance Teacher on Healing and Movement

Lorenia Parada - Educator and Mindfulness Coach on Healing and Relationship

Fernanda Medina - Volunteer for Yoga For All Movement on Compassionate Communication

Deuteron Kebebew - Founder of MENtors - on creating the paradigm shift with boys, men, dads

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