In her own words…

When it comes to showbiz, I could honestly say with some modesty---I’ve done it all—and lived to tell. From being on television and training marines in the desert, to being romanced all over europe- I have lived a wild life. I’ve been dancing, choreographing, singing, performing, acting, screenwriting and aspiring to greatness since I was two years old (true!).

Among my accomplishments…

· I was in a movie with Nicholas Cage (“Indianapolis”).
· I was a back-up dancer for Weird Al Yankovich (woo-hoo).
· I had a featured role in Academy Award-winning director Errol Morris’ film “Standard Operating Procedure.”

I’ve also achieved international notoriety :

· I’ve appeared in news publications from Paris to China.
· I’ve modeled for Nike and was featured in “In Style” magazine .
· As an actor, I’ve made guest appearances on television shows such as “Monk,” “Shark” and “Entourage.”
· I starred in an equity theater production of “Brilliant Traces’’ which was praised to the skies by my best friend and covered by the local press .
· I’ve participated in film festivals as an actress, writer and director, winning awards for best screenplay and best special effects.
· I danced in, and choreographed for Frank Garvey’s OmniCircus, a notorious, beloved underground sensation for decades—The world’s first and only dark industrial robotic junkyard cabaret in San Francisco’s famed South of Market district (Before SoMa was a thing, my darlings). I was in an OmniCircus production featured on Tech TV on the Discovery Channel network.
· I’ve performed standup comedy on national television.
· I was hired as role player by the United States Marine Corps, learned Arabic and portrayed an Iraqi village woman in simulated battle situations.
· I was a dancer in a flash mob for Super Bowl 2011 in New Orleans that was featured on ESPN.
· I even played a Spanish role on “Doz Cortezones” on Telemundo network.
· I was a guest star on “The Greg Behrendt Show.”

Now to the darker side of my life and the events that have pushed me to become an advocate for women’s empowerment.

I was a victim and survived a kidnapping, being drugged, raped and left for dead…dumped on the ground in front of a school at which I taught pre-school kids in Thailand.

This horrible trauma took years of therapy for me to recover.

I’ve been a yogi and meditation practitioner since 2003. I’ve studied with monks in Indonesia and Thailand.

I went to a $60,000 rehabilitation facility that specializes in trauma therapy. I had 800 hours of therapy in a six month period . I want to share the knowledge that I gained from that experience with people that may not have the time or money to do such intensive therapy.

I want to share what I have learned, the wisdom and knowledge I’ve gained from a rigorous, life-long journey of self-development with other women. My focus is on self-empowerment, spirituality and confidence. I believe this to be the epicenter for women to have a healthy happy life. It is my strong belief that my ability to survive near-death trauma and the fact that my life was spared revealed my purpose in this earthly plane. To help women overcome their hardships. To be healthy, strong, well, to love oneself and to achieve and own the joy and happiness that is every woman’s birthright in this difficult world.

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